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Christian Wackos: 20,421 People Have Gone to Hell Since You Opened This Web Page

I come from an extremely religious family, of the fanatical Protestant type.  I grew up attending church services multiple times per week, and daily Bible study and prayer was simply a part of life.  Everything revolved around an obsessive belief in Jesus and the notion that some day, after death, we would join him for  an eternity of bliss.

Needless to say I’ve outgrown such parochial beliefs, but the majority of my family – both immediate and distant – have not.  And although this means I can’t discuss anything more than the weather with most of my family, the endless stream of wacka-wacka Christian emails and Facebook postings provides a steady source of entertainment.

Today, for instance, I was directed to the website of “100.9 The Cross,” a cheesy Gospel music station in North Carolina, with which one of my relatives is affiliated.  Now, the website in itself provided a barrel full of laughs – just check out this screen grab:

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