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Intellectual Engagement with the Fringe Right: “It’s like a retarded person who had AIDS”


Over the last few days, Failed Empire has received quite a bit of attention from, shall we say, less than sympathetic readers.   In the interest of openness I never delete any comments, but the comments that self-professed conservatives tend to leave say quite a lot about what we’re up against in the fight to build a better world.  Consider the following examples (I’ve put all personal insults and particularly ignorant comments in bold).

From the post “One Million Expected for Bruins Rally as Nation Crumbles“:

the write of this article is a complete jackass. yes there are lots of problems in the world. and having parades like this to celebrate good things, things that make people happy, helps remind us what we are fighting wars for. Just sit at home and be miserable you fucking loser.

 — “Joe,”

lol this guy is such a tool.
fight the power, pro! lmao.

 — Anonymous

And then a slew of comments from a particularly mature individual who has given himself the devastatingly witty moniker “Impeach Hussein”:

America is indeed declining. But it’s because of leftists like you. It has nothing to do with capitalism. We’re adopting European socio-economic policies of slow socialist decline while becoming more 3rd world demographically. That’s like a retarded person who had AIDS.

Celebrating the “arab spring” is yet more proof of how clueless and moronic you are. The primary benefactors of these revolutions is islamofascists like the muslim brotherhood.

And cheering on a leftist revolution in America is proof of how absolutely insane you are.

Newsflash fucktard: Your paradigm was already tried. It was called communism and it failed miserably.

Holy Christ. You’re extremely stupid.

Pakistan is one of the evil countries in the world. It’s full of fundamentalist muslims who violate human rights on an industrial scale. Non-muslims are routinely persecuted and oppressed in Pakistan. And Pakistan supports a seemingly endless list of depaved islamic jihad terrorist groups. To act as if using drones firing highly precise and relatively low powered air to ground missiles and bombs at the leaders of these jihadist groups is somehow an act of barbarism and gross imperialism is laughably dumb.

I highly suggest killing yourself you extremely brainwashed and ignorant leftist retard.

It would be easy to dismiss the ramblings of “Impeach Hussein” as the deranged ranting of socially challenged weirdo, but consider the fact that his Twitter stream, bearing the same clever title, has some 1,214 followers.  The sad reality is that people like “Impeach Hussein” are not anomalies of the fringe right; they are the norm.

How can we ever hope to engage in meaningful debate with people who refuse to employ rationality and reason, but instead constantly resort to childish name calling?  Is it possible to bring about genuine social change when a solid percentage of that society is comprised of people like “Joe” and “Impeach Hussein,” people who seem to lack the most basic capacity for critical thinking and intellectual integrity, and clearly derive their world view from the inane ramblings of corporate media personalities like Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh?

Sharing a country with people who are simultaneously uninformed and passionately opinionated offers little hope for the future.  Such people have given no real thought to the views they cherish, but will seemingly fight to the death before they consider any other way.  They may not understand the actual definitions of words such as socialism, communism, fascism or even capitalism, but they are absolutely convinced that capitalism is the only way, and that everything is else is evil, weak, effeminate or all of the above.

Intellectual engagement is impossible with such people, meaning that substantive progress is equally unattainable.  It is a reality that is difficult to reconcile with a belief that all people are equal and deserve the same basic rights and privileges.  While I would like to see the United States become a nation which values and upholds these rights, it simply doesn’t seem possible.  It’s like trying to force an ill person to swallow medicine they have no desire to take; should we make him take it, or should we respect his choice, however ill-informed, to suffer?  Many Americans are sick but they seem to have no desire to find a remedy; should we force them to take one?  Should we even try?

The reality is that not all humans are equal.  As an incomplete product of evolution, an ever-changing, constantly improving organism, it is inevitable that some humans will be more developed and better adapted than others – whether physically, emotionally, or intellectually.  Studies have confirmed that conservatives do exhibit signs of a more primitive – a more reptilian – and less evolved brain, indicating that their more animalistic world view is in fact a result of genetics and perhaps largely unchangeable.

Negotiation would therefore be an impossibility, suggesting that the best we can hope for is to enact meaningful changes in spite of them, but certainly not with their consent.   And perhaps at some point in the future the entire species will have matured – evolved – enough to view the old ways of social Darwinism and class warfare as being as brutal and barbaric as mass murder and slavery now seem to us today.

But I’m not holding my breath.


7 responses to “Intellectual Engagement with the Fringe Right: “It’s like a retarded person who had AIDS”

  1. BuelahMan June 19, 2011 at 9:13 am

    With the trajectory that our country is headed, it won’t be long before Sheople, such as those you describe above, simply will be dead as they have done nothing to prepare for their families. These mindless, ass-kissing sycophants will find that Papa Bear, Hannity and the host of brainwashing minions will be laughing at their total acquiescence and gullibility.

    I won’t be laughing at them. I will be pitying them as they and their families die from starvation and any other number of horrific ways due to their idiotic following of their masters to their doom.

    But, by God, my family will be eating. We will have lights. We will be able to protect ourselves and the things we have done to prepare for what is coming upon us.

    For those who have not prepared and continue to spew the foolishness that “joe” and “impeach Hussein” vomit: I bought a huge box of extra strong black garbage bags to put any dead bodies I find in when The Fall occurs. At least they may get a decent burial.

    • Andrew B. June 25, 2011 at 2:30 am

      I hope it’s not quite as grim as you suggest, but it may very well be. We’re certainly in for some tough times in the coming decade.

  2. Aminah80 June 19, 2011 at 10:22 am

    Question for them—Why does the United States “keep” supporting Pakistan then? Look at our own corruption, why do we as a country give guns to Mexican cartels?Why do we as a nation reenforce violence around the world?MY list of whys… can go on and on.

  3. Astra Navigo June 19, 2011 at 11:13 am

    Some years back, I was a ‘featured writer’ on Yahoo 360. At peak, I received some 14,000 hits per day – and, as my own writing mirrors yours in many ways, I, too, received a lot of colorful commentary.

    These people are the norm. 60% of the electorate either supports the Tea Party types or people like them. When you see comments like ‘kill yourself’, and ‘it’s all your fault’, you’re really seeing the future of America – because they’re not only the norm, they are the majority.

    Those of us who Stayed Awake in Class are the minority now. Proper education would have prevented this, but we were too busy spending what tax money we had on unnecessary wars rather than on education. We also kissed rich people’s asses by way of allowing the tax code to be rewritten – now, there’s no money for anything.

    You’ve got two choices – you can continue to be a voice in the wilderness, and when the whole thing collapses, you can leave this behind as a sort of chronicle of the events – a huge ‘I-told-you-so’ writ large in cyberspace – or you can give up.

    I’m hoping you don’t give up. I know I won’t.

    • Andrew B. June 25, 2011 at 2:36 am

      I’m surprised Yahoo would have allowed your writing to have such a prominent platform – it’s a fairly conservative outfit these days. I can only imagine the types of comments you would have received. What is about right-wingers that leads them to resort to name-calling?

      I included the above image from Idiocracy because parts of it really sum up what it’s like to live in America these days. If some “elitist” liberal attempts to engage in a meaningful discussion of ideas, it’s perfectly acceptable to just insult them: “Huh-huh, fag.” With fellow citizens like these, we’re all doomed.

  4. lacithedog June 23, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    They are astroturf. Unfortunately, we are the silenced majority.

  5. mngstrfy July 27, 2011 at 1:03 am

    Christ, what a namby-pamby passive-aggressive approach to misanthropy and intellectual superiority. You should read some Amanda Marcotte to see how you can take a strong, superior attitude to all that instead of whining about being zerg-rushed by invincible hordes of morons. If fighting this fight depresses you so much, maybe you shouldn’t be fighting it – unless this is just the outlet for all the dark, hopeless despair drowning you every day.

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