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One Million Expected for Bruins Rally as Nation Crumbles

Canadian hockey fans revolt after Stanley Cup loss

It’s good to see Americans have their priorities straight:

BOSTON (AP) — The Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics have all had at least one in recent years, and now it’s the Bruins turn for a parade.

The Stanley Cup champions will be the toast of the town on Saturday. Police expect as many as one million people to converge on Boston to honor the Bruins.

Did you catch that?  One million people are expected to turn up for the Bruins victory parade.  The economy is collapsing, millions are unemployed, we’re fighting five concurrent wars and increasingly living in a police state, the climate is shifting, cancers are spreading, the banksters are ripping off the masses on an unprecedented scale and the people can’t be bothered to get off their asses to do anything about it, but one million people will happily attend a frivolous parade to celebrate winning the fucking Stanley Cup.  You gotta love America, right?

This is truly sick, folks.  Our country is falling to pieces around us but absolutely no one seems to care.  Everyone seems to have a complaint – the Democrats did this or the Republicans did that – but no one is willing to do anything about it.  Voter turnout is considered high when we hit a paltry 35%, and generally those who vote have formed their opinion based on the completely bogus corporate narrative.  Not that voting in itself, of course, will actually accomplish anything – the system by now has been so corrupted by corporate power that changing the various figureheads in office will result in very little real change.

Where is the outrage?  Why aren’t more people taking to the streets in angry protest over the way things are?  If one million people can eagerly flock to a mindless rally to celebrate a meaningless sporting victory, why can’t equal numbers of people turn out to protest the endless swindles propagated by Bank of America and Chase, or the various other corporate shenanigans that have destroyed the American economy and sabotaged working and middle class people everywhere?

The familiar conundrum with democracy is that people tend to get what they deserve.  Many Islamic fanatics would readily vote to enact Sharia Law if they had the majority to do so, and if fundamentalist Christians had their say we’d all be learning about creationism and praying to Jesus every day at work and school.  Similarly, a nation full of idiots will eventually vote for a system which works in opposition to their own common interests, and this is precisely what has happened in the United States.

A time comes when you begin to wonder:  have we gotten what we deserve?  When I look around and I see such vast stupidity and willful ignorance on such a massive scale, I start to question if it’s even worth trying to change things.  The eagerness with which Americans are able to accept our various wars of aggression is indication enough of our bloodthirsty and competitive nature; perhaps  our social order of the rich mercilessly shafting the poor is precisely what Americans crave.  After all, if it weren’t, why would so many millions continue to support it?

When we see the passion with which ordinary, seemingly apathetic Americans support their local sports team, we realize that Americans are not completely devoid of feeling – they simply don’t care about such trivial notions as caring for the sick and poor, providing education for the masses and working towards a common good.  They like pointing fingers for whatever problems they might be facing, but at the end of the day, they are happy with our plutocracy and the systematic corporate thievery that it entails.  After all, they plan to get rich some day themselves – and when they do, you lazy poor people can just go fuck yourselves.

Of course there are some good, compassionate, informed Americans out there – a very small percentage perhaps, but they do exist.  Their presence, however, is in all likelihood not enough to save our sinking ship.  I suspect that the United States is simply doomed to a future of more of the same:  the wealthy will continue to steal and horde, while the masses struggle to survive, fighting for such basic necessities – rights – as health care and a quality education.

Perhaps hoping for progress on a national scale is simply too much to ask for, the country is too large, and full of people who just don’t care.  Maybe instead we should be looking for change on a state level, start small and build up.  Maybe in some states the critical mass of engaged, informed, compassionate humans can never be reached – think of all those  red masses on the electoral map that consumed the vast interior of the country.  Is there really hope that Texas will stop executing people, or that Alabama will enact universal health care, or that people in West Virginia will stop hording guns and start educating its citizens?  It seems a bit unlikely, doesn’t it?

Vermont is certainly a bright spot in an otherwise bleak landscape, proof that active citizens can change things on a local scale if they try.  And perhaps that’s all we can ever hope for; maybe the U.S. empire, like every empire that’s come before it, is already beyond saving -the corporate greed and influence has grown too large, and the sloth and selfishness of its citizens has spread to the point where the masses will merely sit and watch as our modern Rome burns.  But the collapse of our empire should not be seen as a tragedy, but as an opportunity to start again.


6 responses to “One Million Expected for Bruins Rally as Nation Crumbles

  1. joe June 18, 2011 at 11:32 am

    the write of this article is a complete jackass. yes there are lots of problems in the world. and having parades like this to celebrate good things, things that make people happy, helps remind us what we are fighting wars for. Just sit at home and be miserable you fucking loser.

    • ickenittle June 18, 2011 at 9:05 pm

      The writer of this comment is a complete Jackass. Yes, Jackass, I mean you. You who has the ability to acknowledge that there are “lot’s of problems in the world.” Yet you celebrate happy parades and “good things” that help remind you what we are fighting wars for.

      We are not fighting wars for “happy things”-here in America. We are murdering people, ruining lives, supporting the mighty Military Industrial Complex which is destroying our economy here at home.

      Don’t have a job? No Health insurance? Lost your home? Don’t look to this country to help, it is too busy spending money -over there- selling you the idea it’s all about protecting those “freedoms” you aren’t even aware you are losing.

      There are two kinds of Americans left in this country. Citizens and Consumers. Which one are you?

      There is a new creature afoot- it’s called the Apathy Glutton.

  2. Anonymous June 18, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    lol this guy is such a tool.

    fight the power, pro! lmao.

    • Andrew B. June 19, 2011 at 1:17 am

      As expected, a post about sports has inadvertently attracted the very kinds of people about whom it was written: largely apolitical but with firm, ill-conceived opinions that were undoubtedly implanted by a corporate media which cares nothing about their interests.

      Lacking a thorough understanding of the outrageous and self-destructive political and social beliefs they embrace, they turn to petty insults and name-calling rather than addressing the substance of the matter.

      This is precisely why genuine progress is so difficult to attain in the United States – countless millions know virtually nothing about the current state of affairs, yet absolutely refuse to budge from their narrow-minded, corporate-induced world view.

      If I’m wrong, show me.

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