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Opportunistic Invaders: 6 Out of 10 Americans Were For the War Before They Were Against It

Nato strikes in Libya

Americans are growing sick of war, but clearly no one in Washington cares:

According to a recent CBS News poll, six out of 10 American Democrats, Republicans, and independents think the US should not be involved in the unpopular war on Libya, The Atlantic reported.

The poll found that while 60 percent of the people opposed the Libyan war, only 30 percent of Americans feel their country is heading in the right direction with its military involvement in the North African country.

A similar CBS poll conducted back in March found that seven out of 10 Americans supported the US military intervention to protect Libyan civilians from the country’s ruler Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.

It should not be at all surprising that the majority of Americans are now opposed to U.S. military involvement in Libya, given the disastrous state of things here at home.  What is quite telling, however, is the initial poll from March showed that seven out of ten Americans initially supported the invasion.  After nine years in Afghanistan, eight years in Iraq and nearly 6,000 dead American soldiers, the masses were still tricked into supporting yet another war of aggression.

It truly says a lot about who we are as a nation, and how effective the corporate propaganda machine has become.  In spite of soaring unemployment, a tanking economy and a steadily rising cost of living, Americans can still be whipped into a vicious frenzy of bloodlust at the slightest provocation from the media.  Our patience for such misadventures is clearly waning – we tolerated the massacres of Afghanistan and Iraq for years before demanding withdrawal, but in Libya the change of opinion has taken mere months – but the sad reality is that Americans still view violence as an acceptable means to solving problems.

War is hardly considered a last resort, as our five concurrent wars of aggression amply demonstrate, but rather a dependable first course of action.  Such behavior should be expected from political and corporate warmongers, but the fact that the American people so readily accept military intervention is truly disappointing.  We are both gullible and vicious, easily tricked into supporting wars we secretly – or sometimes openly – enjoy.

It’s not surprising that the United States it the only country in the developed world that lacks universal health care, or adequate services for the unemployed and underprivileged.  As a society based on the notion of survival of the fittest, we tend to value aggressive, destructive behaviors over more constructive, egalitarian tendencies.  After all, our golden capitalist credo is little more than the law of the jungle applied to society; if I am strong enough to make a dollar, I am entitled to do so regardless of the cost to others.  It’s a mentality that completely rejects the notion of a common interest, and divides humankind into various groups according to their perceived merits and flaws:  some people are good while others are bad, some people are ambitious while others are slothful, some are self-reliant while others constantly seek to leech off the toil of others.

With such a mentality, we readily accept war as a natural part of existence, and embrace aggressive behaviors as long as it benefits us to do so.  Since some people are innately evil, violence is perceived as being a necessary tool.  Similarly, since some people are inherently lazy and averse to labor of any kind, the idea of a common good is necessarily impossible; if I seek to help others, I will only end up being taken advantage of.  It is, in short, an extremely cynical and unhealthy world view, and it inevitably results in the kinds of problems we see plaguing the world today:  poverty, illness, war and death.

But hey, we’ve got satellite TV, big macs and twenty different brands of toilet paper to choose from.  What more could we possibly want?


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