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Mike Flugennock on Obama’s 2012 Re-Election Campaign: Are You In?

Mike Flugennock: Obama 2012 - Are you in?

Once again, Mike Flugennock nails it:

The “official” unemployment rate is nailed at around 10%, the foreclosure rate is climbing, bankers are getting fatter than ever, Bush’s tax cuts for the rich are still in place, the healthcare system is still in the hands of corporations, we’re up to our asses in three wars, the concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay is still open, our civil liberties are in worse shape than ever, Obummer’s just rolled over for John Boehner on the budget deal — and now Obummer’s got the sheer gall to ask me if I’m “in”.

In the absurd fashion of American politics, the 2012 presidential election campaign has already kicked off, some 18 months before the actual event.  The slick, corporate publicity machines now have nearly a year and half to tweak and refine their mind-numbingly vacuous political platform, endlessly shoving it down our throats all the while, until Americans are united in two camps of catchy three-word slogans.  Yes, we can!

Just because you see it one thousand times on the television doesn’t make it real.  Even though all the major players –  CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ad nauseum – are covering it doesn’t make it relevant.  The Republicans and Democrats are two branches of the same corporate party, and it is foolish to think otherwise.  Any time you catch yourself criticizing one party and thinking that the other party must be superior by default, remember that the largest corporate donors to each party are the same.   Recall that, as Flugennock succinctly described, the worst atrocities of the Obama administration were carried out with a Democrat majority in the House and Senate.

As long as we fall for the false dichotomy of Republicans versus Democrats, Conservative versus pseudo-Left, there is absolutely no hope for genuine political and social progress in this nation.  Instead, we will simply continue to slide further and further into the dark abyss of the fringe right, as we have done for the last thirty years.

Boycott the Republicans and Democrats.  Support alternative media and build, from the ground up, a viable independent third-party movement.  It may seem impossible at this bleak time, but it truly is the only course of action available.


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