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U.S. Support of Yemeni Dictatorship Indicative of Mass Corruption

As the crackdown on protesters on Yemen grows more and more violent, the United States continues to supply the dictatorial regime with weapons and military advisors:

All told, over the past five years, the U.S. has provided more than $300 million in aid to Yemen’s security forces, with the dollars escalating precipitously under the Obama administration. In 2008, under President George W. Bush, Yemen received $17.2 million in baseline military assistance (which does not include counterterrorism or humanitarian funding). In 2010, that number had risen to $72.3 million while, overall, Yemen received $155.3 million in U.S. aid that year, including a “$34.5 million special operations force counterterrorism enhancement package.” These funds have provided Yemen’s security forces with helicopters, Humvees, weapons, ammunition, radio systems, and night-vision goggles.

Additionally, U.S. special operations troops (along with British and Saudi military personnel) have been supporting, advising, and conducting training missions with some of Yemen’s elite forces — including the Republican Guard, Special Operations Forces, and the National Security Bureau — which are commanded and staffed by Saleh’s sons and other close relatives.

The United States government enjoys publicly extolling the virtues of democracy, but their actions speak otherwise.  A cursory examination of U.S. involvement in the Middle East reveals a meddlesome empire intent on protecting its own interests at all costs; principles of democracy are considered only a selling point when the war-weary population seems reluctant to support yet another armed intervention.  As the same excellent article from TomDispatch goes on to describe:

After watching two allied autocrats fall in Tunisia and Egypt, the United States has focused on its periodic enemy, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, in Libya and has done little of substance to advocate for, let alone facilitate, demands for democracy and social change by protesters in allied states that are more integral to its military plans in the region, including Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Instead, Washington has continued to support repressive governments to which it has provided training, weapons, and other military equipment that has already been used or could be used to suppress grassroots democratic movements.

I really can’t put it any more succinctly than that, folks.  The United States government is not interested in promoting democracy, either at home or abroad.  The world is an incredibly vile and corrupt place, and our own government – along with its corporate puppet-masters – is at the forefront of all the worst human qualities of greed, violence and disregard for the wellbeing of all others.

Everything we see taking place in the world today boils down to the relentless pursuit of money and power by a tiny ultra-wealthy elite.  All of the wars, the rampant violence, the widespread poverty, the lack of adequate health care services, all of it results simply from the insatiable greed of a barbaric few at the very top, pulling the strings of government and business in order to quench their ever-growing thirst for still more wealth and power.

Thus we see the president of the world’s alleged beacon of democracy publicly exhorting the virtues of peace and democracy, but then secretly providing support to the very powers which seek to crush the public dissent we now see sweeping the Middle East.  After all, democracy in nations such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen would lead to restricted U.S. access to crucial oil supplies, which represent the kingpin – the centerpiece – of all of American empire.

Everything we see regarding politics in Washington is a charade, and we should simply stop listening to the words emanating from the mouth of any individual who chooses to affiliate himself with one of the major corporate parties.  The solutions to our problems do not lie with Republicans or Democrats, as we should have realized after generations of the same old status quo.

The only way we can hope to make any real progress is to refuse to participate in the game at all.  Boycott mainstream media sources, ignore anything and everything that comes from the corporate RepubliDems, support independent media outlets and political parties which actively and honestly represent your interests.

Political power in the world today is remarkably similar to the concept of voodoo:  it maintains its power only because we believe in it.  As soon as the population rejects the corporate power structure, it will collapse.  The real power lies with the masses, just as it always has.  We simply need to open our eyes and see that we’ve had hold of the reins all along.


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