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Media Blackout of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Continues Despite Grim Prognosis

Aside from an obligatory blurb announcing the disturbing – but hardly surprising – revelation that the crippled Fukushima reactors will remain out of human control for at least another 6 to 9 months, the media blackout continues:

(AGI) Tokyo – The Fukushima nuclear reactors will be stable within “6 to 9 months”, TEPCO forecasts. The Japanese utility giant that manages the ruined nuclear plant at Fukushima announced in a communique’ that the radioactive releases will be contained within 3 months, while the reactors’ cooling and the radiation control will be achieved in six to nine months.

The first priorities are to use nitrogen in order to avoid hydrogen explosions in Units One, Two and Three and to stop further radioactive water spills.

And that, apart from a generic recap of the history of the disaster (i.e., a giant earthquake and tsunami caused a partial meltdown – as if anyone forgot), is all we get.  Three highly damaged nuclear reactors steadily oozing out radioactive waste for at least three months, with an indication that things could take much longer, and no further analysis, commentary or context is offered.

The devastation in the immediate aftermath of the quake and tsunami was covered ad nauseam in the MSM, at least in the early days.  But when it became apparent just how disastrous the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant actually was, corporate media coverage quickly fizzled out.  Today there is a virtual media blackout in place; even the NY Times, the alleged newspaper of record, makes no mention of the plant on its main page.  Any information that one finds relating to the plant, almost anywhere in the MSM, contains little reference to anything beyond the superficial history noted above.

In short, relying solely on the corporate media as a source of information, we have absolutely no idea how much radioactive material has been released, where it has been released, and precisely what materials have been released.  No one knows what the consequences will be of this disaster, in either the long or short term.  How many people will die as a result, either now or ten years down the road?  How will this effect the local and global ecosystem?  How will it impact marine life throughout the Pacific Ocean?  How concerned should Americans be about the very real prospect of nuclear fallout, and what can we do to protect ourselves?  Answers to these questions, and others just as important, will not be found in the corporate media, and thousands – potentially millions – will needlessly suffer as a result.

Consistent with the utter lack of ethical principles in the MSM, we find relevant – albeit somewhat shallow – information in the places one would least expect it.  Thus we have the following update not from CNN or the NY Times, but from – wait for it – PC World:

A pair of remote controlled robots entered a reactor building at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on Sunday morning for the first time.

Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power is hoping the iRobot Packbots will be able to provide data on the current condition inside the buildings, parts of which contain high levels of radioactivity and are hazardous for workers to enter.

The robots entered the plant’s number 3 reactor building and were due to take radiation and temperature readings. They are equipped with video cameras that can provide a live feed to operators.

So for the first timesince this disaster began more than one month ago, humans may finally be able to accurately gauge the extent of the damage. But this information is extremely unlikely to be made public, as this, the money quote, amply demonstrates:

TEPCO has yet to release any information about what the robots found inside the building.

This is information that has far-reaching consequences for every human on earth, and yet a private corporation has the power to withhold it from us. Clearly, something isn’t right.  But as long as our alleged partners in democracy – the watchdogs of freedom that the media are meant to be – are mere pawns of the corporatocracy, there is little we can do.

UPDATE:  Shortly after writing this, the top story in the AP / Yahoo! News covered the use of American robots at the plant.  PC World  – that paragon of modern journalism – beat them to the punch by full 9 hours.


3 responses to “Media Blackout of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Continues Despite Grim Prognosis

  1. Mikkai April 20, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    rom: “Le Monde diplomatique, March 14th 2008, by Alison Katz):

    – The Protocols of the UN Chernobyl Conference in 1995 were never made ​​public.

    – Until 2008, By 2008, W.H.O. spokesman Gregory Haertl claimed the opposite – this is his contact data:
    Gregory Härtl
    Team Leader, Communications for Global Alert and Response (GAR)
    World Health Organization

    – Only summaries of the protocols have been published, 12 of a few hundreds.

    – Every study, every statement or action by the WHO, if in connection with radioactivity and health, must be authorized by the IAEA

    – The IAEA has no mandate for this. The IAEA has no mandate for reactor safety or human health.

    – The IAEA is not contracted by the UN to organize relief efforts for nuclear accidents.

    – 1991: Rather than examine genetic defects due to Chernobyl, the WHO examined Caries in the Chernobyl affected countries

    – Behind the IAEA is the military-industrial complex

    The IAEA is the spokesman of the five permanent members of the U.N.: China, USA, France, England, Russia – all atomic weapons countries. All with VETOs infront of the U.N. Vetos against all Chernobyl studies.

    The IAEA wants the people make believe, that the main effect of the atomic catastrophe is psychological. This is made in these steps:

    – Make the people believe, that because of background radiation every additional radiation is natural, normal, not bad (known as the principle of “substantial equivalence”)

    – Tell the people, that Fukushima is not as bad as Chernobyl, and, Chernobyl was a small accident (50 deaths acc. to WHO, 125,000 deaths acc. to Ukrainian health minisry 1993).

    – Make the people believe, that any other statement is panic and unobjective (The IAEA uses the word “Radiophobia” for Chernobyl)

    – The IAEA recognizes the disease in highly contaminated areas as not in connection with the contamination.

    – Make sure that there are no independent measurements, only measurements by the atomic power plant operator, it is also important NOT to show radiation measurements during the TV weather forecasts.

    – Make sure that there are no organized measurements at all, for each region, each plant, each city – especially not in the media. Or do reconstrucion on the basis of official data, which are often too low.

    – Advise the officals with authentic language

    – Advise the government to install a 30 km No Enter Zone – invented and used during the atomic weapon test in the U.S. – but 30 km is not enough for an atomic reactor accident.

    – Refuse cancer studies like the german KiKK study as unscientific

    – Raise radiation limits for different groups of people, so that different values ​​can be measured but each is normal, and below the limit.

    – Fake research, use faked research: Dr. Rosen (Vice director of the IAEA in 1996) said in 1996 that represent cases of cancer that occur, are a very small part of the millions of cancer cases that will occur anyway. The estimate of Dr. Rosen is a factor of 10 or more too low. Dr. Rosen replaces the number of children cancer illnesses in the number of cancer illnesses in the elderly. (quote Prof. Michel Fernex, University of Basel, Switzerland)


    If no result is to be found: False initially selected indicators are used for example, when looking for cancer, choose death rather than disease rates. Dying from cancer takes time, the study must be published before the death occurs. You can also choose the wrong Pathology, and search for diabetes rather than stress. In the end statistically significant differences are not found, so it is difficult to demonstrate phenomena that may be unusual. So it is concluded that there is no relationship between the event and the pathology which was investigated. This way you can advocate nuclear power plants. (quote Prof. Michel Fernex, University of Basel, Switzerland)

    – The IAEA denies damage such as leukaemia, which is caused by Chernobyl, so they can continue to talk about “nuclear safety” to increase their own kind. (quote Dr. Katsumi Furitsu, Osaka Japan)

    – The IAEA makes sure the WHO says what the IAEA calls valid – by the gag contract WHA 12-40 (SOURCE), so that the WHO takes the “medical ruder”, by saying: “The accident is not a big one, no harmful radiation.”

    This is achieved by:

    The main point of the contract between WHO and IAEO: No public information on health problems when could influence the development of nuclear industry.

    This commitment to keep secrecy is however totally against the WHO statutes which state that the public be informed. Consequently, it seems that the world is being kept in the dark concerning risks from the nuclear industry or, so to say, protected from the truth. It will still be worse when it comes to information and protective measures regarding the expected waste from the nuclear industry, as was in the case after Chernobyl, because first of all the promoters of nuclear power plants will be financially protected (Prof. Dr. M. Fernex, France).

    The IAEA is responsible for reactor safety, but plays the role of the WHO. The WHO advises the the regional health departments and doctors. They are obliged to accept the official position of the Health Ministry and to act accordingly.

    Physicists decide – not Medics

  2. joe May 11, 2011 at 12:01 am

    People are already getting cancer in U.S.A. from this mess. People in Japan must be dropping off like flies.

    If nobody else is going to do anything about this, we will have to send in a DOOMSDAY SQUAD to dig out
    that fuel and those RPV’s put it all in huge triple lined containers of water and borate and haul it to a safe place to cool.
    I think with 50 billion we can get the job done in three months.

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