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Make Them Pay: A Day of Action Against Corporate Tax Dodgers

In the midst of our fabricated budget crisis, millions of ordinary Americans are finally waking up to the fact that parasitic corporations enjoy a 0% tax rate.  Although this reality has hardly been the focus of our corporatist mainstream media, there have, surprisingly, been a few peeps here and there and about this shocking state of affairs.  As apathetic and politically disengaged as many Americans are, most people innately sense that something is wrong when our government is telling us we need to suck it up and slash all kinds of public services, while simultaneously the richest among us are paying virtually no taxes – in some cases even less, if you can wrap your mind around that paradox.  Clearly, something has gone awry in the great “free market” of American style capitalism.

Americans have been conned on a wholly unprecedented scale.  Our democracy has been stripped away by the largest, wealthiest, greediest and most powerful institutions in the history of the planet.  But the reality of politics in America has reached such farcical levels, that even the deepest sleepers among us are starting to realize that they must in fact be dreaming.

We have entered, in essence, another feudal period.  Ordinary Americans slave away to help corporate America earn record profits, selling our hours and days in attempt to feed and shelter our families and, if we’re lucky, accumulate a stockpile of worthless commercial crap.  Meanwhile, the corporate masters and wealthy elite – the true owners of America – laugh hysterically as they reap unprecedented riches.   And so far, ordinary Americans have remained powerless.  After all, what is there we can do?  The corporations control our government.  They buy and sell candidates at will, and any outsider populist candidate stands no chance on the national stage of government.  Corporations control the banking system, deciding who can buy a home and who can’t, who can start a business, who can go to college.  Corporations control the means of production – largely outsourced of course – as the well as the means conduct meaningful research and development.  So what can we as ordinary Americans do?

In isolation, nothing.  We can bitch and moan, and write blogs that a few thousand people – if we’re lucky – may read.  But even if those readers agree with every word that’s written, until they join forces in collective action on a massive scale, we will have absolutely no impact.  The answer lies in mass, united action.  Solidarity.  Even if we may disagree on particular points here and there, at the end of the day the vast majority of the population is stuck in the same horrible situation:  shafted by corporations, conned out of our democracy, virtual slaves in a modernized system of bonded labor.   We all know the system is fucked, and whether or not we agree about the alternative, we call can agree that the current system has to go.

But where do we start?  This is a good a place as any:

On Tax Day, April 18, as millions of Americans patriotically pay their taxes, we will call on corporations and millionaires to pay their fair share. At hundreds of events from coast to coast, we’ll present tax bills to corporate tax dodgers for the billions of dollars their legions of lobbyists helped them avoid. We’ll organize a peaceful, dignified, and powerful day of action to call on corporations to pay their fair share. And we’ll demand that our elected leaders make them pay.

It’s time to demand that everyone pays their fair share to rebuild the American Dream. We invite frustrated taxpayers, underwater homeowners, vilified public servants, job-hunting students, and unemployed veterans—everyone facing cuts or cutbacks, a pink slip or a shrinking paycheck—to join in.

Every movement has to start somewhere.  Let’s make these bastards pay and finally take our country back.


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