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Kucinich Calls for Freezing of Funds for Obama’s Latest War

The man who should be president, Dennis Kucinich, has written a letter to his fellow members of Congress, urging them to support his bill which will deny funding for Obama’s latest war.  The letter points out all of the obvious things that our mainstream media has frustratingly failed to cover, but it is refreshing to see reality being addressed by at least one of our elected officials:

Even with NATO’s support, the war in Libya has the potential to become a quagmire, in part because we entered into this conflict without clear goals. Already, military action has brought the eastern and western parts of Libya to a standoff. Is the goal to divide Libya? Is the goal to remove Muammar Qadaffi? Will we install a friendly regime? What if the country is destabilized to the point that extremist groups such as al-Qaeda are allowed to take root? How does this war end? When will this war end? How much will it cost American taxpayers? What is the impact on our already overstretched military?

These are such basic questions it is absurd that no one in the MSM seems to have asked them.  Nearly 10 years into the perpetual “War on Terror,” have we as Americans learned nothing?  How is it that Obama has managed to inject us into yet another military conflict?  He already has two covert wars being waged in Yemen and Pakistan – two incredibly dangerous and unstable countries – and now we have inserted ourselves into what was – and will continue to be – a civil war.  What are we doing there, and why have we allowed ourselves to get there?

If there was any doubt that Obama was a conservative president, it should by now be entirely erased.  The Obama administration has been little more than a continuation of the Bush regime.  The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars continue unabated, with the latter being greatly expanded;  military action has spread to Pakistan and Yemen; the prison Guantanamo Bay remains open; extraordinary rendition continues; torture or near-torture is still being practiced (see Bradley Manning); universal health care remains a fleeting dream; unemployment continues to soar while corporations record unprecedented profits (courtesy of federal government bailouts); budgets and services nationwide are being slashed.  And yet on top it all, we somehow find funding for yet another war.  How can we stand for this?

The United States is founded upon a system of checks and balances, which is intended to prevent political upheaval and restrict change to a gentle, gradual course.  But the system also includes an emergency mechanism which our founding fathers realized was a necessity.  Governments, being human institutions, are flawed.  And with the rise of the modern corporation, governments around the world have been inundated with corruption on a scale so vast it is difficult to fully grasp.  Our government now exists  for the “people” only insomuch as corporations have been granted legal personhood.  Corporations are the only “people” that have any real impact on our current government, and the economic disaster we find ourselves in is a direct result of this corporate governance.

So it’s time to just chuck the whole system.  Just throw them out – every last one of the bastards.   Anyone paying attention realizes there is no meaningful difference between Republicans and Democrats, with a few notable exceptions.  So why do we keep voting according to this bogus two-party system?  Why do keep supporting them, when it is painfully obvious that both parties support not ordinary Americans, but giant multi-national corporations?

The process should be simple.  Start at the top and work our way down.  Impeach Obama, and Biden for empowering him.  Impeach Boehner, because we all know how disastrous it would be for the nation if he became president.  And then impeach every politician, down to the local level, who continues to support the disastrous, anti-progressive policies of the ultra-right Bush/Obama/Clinton/Reagan era.  Anyone who even suggests military intervention should be immediately removed from office, as well as anyone who asserts that our current military spending levels are somehow justified.

Our priorities have been heavily skewed for at least the last 30 years, and if we don’t begin to reexamine them, and take a close look at who we wish to be as a nation, we will only continue down this dark road towards modern serfdom.


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