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U.S. Squanders $84.6 Million on Latest War

In the midst of the Great Recession, the United States government has squandered at least another $84,000,000 in its latest military misadventure in the Muslim world.  At $756,000 a pop,the cost of the 112 missiles launched so far against Libya – excluding what must be the exorbitant related operational costs – is a stunning $84,672,000.  This substantial figure does not take into account the logistical aspects of moving soldiers, warships and other equipment into position, nor the ongoing expenses related to keeping them in place.

In the days of trillion dollar deficits and bailouts, $84.6 million may seem a trifling sum.  And compared to other wasteful elements of our corporate-controlled federal government, it is relatively small.  But relativity is not the point:  $84.6 million is a lot of money, and could have been used in infinitely more productive ways.

The money could have been used to construct hospitals and schools.  It could have been used to establish scholarships for college students around the nation, or to create a bonus scheme to reward excellence in the woefully underpaid field of teaching.  It could have been donated to homeless shelters around the country, or given to any number of deserving charities devoted to the various causes of social development and sustained human progress.  It could have provided one year’s wage to some 4,000 families without any source of current income, or provided much-needed medical services to any of the millions without access to health care  today.  In fact, it is difficult to imagine a less productive way to spend $84.6 million – virtually any other possibility would have been preferable to waging still more war.

In the past, government spending was largely a conduit of public wealth into the hands of certain corporations within the military-industrial complex.  Today, in addition to this abominable tradition we now have a new form of government welfare for the rich:  bailouts.  Military spending and massive corporate bailouts have become two of the largest, most wasteful aspects of government expenditures – both of which are unpopular with the masses to varying degrees, but both continue unabated regardless.

Government spending represents the wealth of the American people.  It is reprehensible that our national wealth is being diverted from the people and programs that need it most, into the coffers of massive, multinational corporations.  We could get by handily with a tiny fraction of our current military budget, and private corporations – particularly in the financial sector – deserve zero aid from the federal government.  It’s time that our money was put to work in the causes that benefit us.  Endless armaments and military campaigns benefit no one in the long run, and only a few in the short run.

Government should represent the concerted effort of a society to better themselves and sustain the onward march of human progress.  Our national wealth and resources should be devoted to education, health care and scientific research for the benefit of all mankind, not to a perpetual state of war.


3 responses to “U.S. Squanders $84.6 Million on Latest War

  1. Evan Kelley March 31, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Wow, in the state of this economy, could we be tricked into paying for a war that is already paid for? As reported by mainstream media networks, $84.6 million is to be put on the back of tax payers.
    “As a Libyan., We (the Interim Council) have already offered and agreed to pay for all military operations in Libya.
    Out of the Frozen Assets. Do you think the US paid a dime of the military costs of the 1st Iraq War? Of course not! Kuwait paid for that as well. Libyans are not naive. We’re grateful to the US and UN for intervening but at the same time we offered to pay for these operations weeks ago when we had most of Libya was free of Gaddafi…”
    ~Omar El-Kikhia

    • Evan Kelley March 31, 2011 at 9:50 pm

      This question has not been answered yet~ by any one, any where…. Hello….

      • Andrew April 1, 2011 at 12:09 pm

        Your comment isn’t entirely clear. Are you suggesting that U.S. taxpayers will be paying for military operations in Libya that have already been paid for by the “Interim Council”? How exactly would the Interim Council fund U.S. military operations, given that Gaddafi is still in power?

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