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More Dead Birds Found in Alabama

The mysterious spate of dead birds and fish continues:

Three hundred dead birds fell from the sky in Alabama on Friday. The carcasses of grackles, who appear similar to blackbirds, were found along Interstate 65 in Alabama. Wildlife biologist, Bill Gates told WAFF television he saw the bodies of the dead birds scattered all over the snow along the side of the highway.

Scientists have not confirmed if the mysterious Alabama bird deaths are related to other sudden birds deaths being reported in the southern United States and worldwide.

On New Year’s Eve, 5,000 blackbirds died suddenly in Beebe, Arkansas. Two days later, 500 blackbirds fell dead in Pointe Coupee Parish Louisiana. More birds were then reported dead in Gilbertsville, Kentucky, and thousands of doves inexplicably died in Italy.

In addition to the bird deaths, millions of fish have washed up dead, during the same period of time.

The cause of the massive increase in dead birds and dead fish has occurred simultaneously over the past three weeks. No solid data has been discovered to explain the deaths.

It’s not hard to imagine a link between these deaths and the collapse of bee colonies worldwide since 2006.  Admittedly we know very little about what precisely is happening, but it is this lack of knowledge that is particularly worrisome.  One conclusion we can reach is that humans have had a profound impact on the global ecosphere, and therefore any unexpected changes could very well be attributed to human activities.

Humans are the only species in the history of the earth that have had such a broad capacity to affect the environment.  From greenhouse gas emissions, to desertification and deforestation, to the mass extinction of literally tens of thousands of species, the human impact on earth is not to be underestimated.  We have also poisoned the air, water and soil with endless streams of toxic chemicals, which, along with our current cancer epidemic, has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the global ecosystem.

So while we may not know the precise cause of the mass bird, fish and bee deaths we have been observing recently, it would be foolish not to consider human actions as the most likely origin.  Along with the increasingly turbulent and dramatically altered weather patterns seen around the world, we would be wise to consider these inexplicable deaths as a solemn warning to alter our ways.


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