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The Mythical, Fairytale World of the MSM: Mitch McConnell, Our Savior

The absurdity of mainstream media coverage is matched only by the sheer ignorance – and apparent stupidity – of the apathetic masses that accept such coverage as accurate. Take, for example, this recent screen grab from Yahoo! News:

The headline itself is seemingly innocuous, as indeed there was a piece of legislation dealing with taxation that had passed the Senate and was headed towards the House [which, regrettably, has since been signed by Obama]. The trouble begins, however, with the dubious lead sentence that follows:

AP – A massive tax package that would save millions of Americans thousands of dollars in higher taxes is headed for a vote in the House Thursday even as rebellious Democrats complain it is too generous to the wealthy.

The sheer volume of misinformation crammed into that single sentence is staggering, and one is almost tempted to admire the immense skill in deception that is on display here. Let’s face it: the corporate media knows its craft well, and it’s only when we guage their performance based on the antiquated -and sadly, inaccurate – notion that the media’s goal is to educate the masses. When we acknowledge that media’s goal is mass manipulation, we realize they are absolute masters of their field.

The basic theme in this particular story is highly familiar, even though it runs wholly contrary to reality. The “rebellious Democrats” (and for once the term is used in the pejorative sense) are seen as standing in opposition to a populist bill that would “save millions of Americans thousands of dollars in higher taxes.” In other words, the righteous Republicans have stormed the capital after the mid-term sweeps, and are now bravely fighting to lower taxes for the masses, because that’s just what conservative, Republican values entail. Right?

Ignoring the fact that the Republicans consistently increase government spending (through the Pentagon), the Democrats, as the party of big government, are insinuated to be standing in defiance of the populust Republican agenda because, well, that’s just what those damn liberal elitists do.

This highly dubious narrative completely disregards the reality of the tax package, which consists of massive tax cuts for the wealthiest among us, and relatively little for the lower and middle classes that need it most. And somehow, in some strange, twisted, crazy way, the Republicans are portrayed as genuine heroes in their efforts to save millions – billions – for the filthy rich, and the Democrats are seen as bitter, malevolent killjoys intent on destroying the American dream.

Just note the word choice: “complain.” Since when has complain ever had a positive meaning? It’s synonymous with whining, which implies that the Republicans are getting shit done, but the Democrats are just whining, complaining, and getting in the way of progress – even though in this case, “progress” means a long, slow, painful process of dismantling every right and social service the working and middle classes of this nation had worked so passionately, generation after generation, to achieve. Because in the Republican world, “progress” means doing whatever you possibly can to fuck the poor just a little bit more, so the billionaires among us can save those extra pennies.

But I haven’t even gotten to the best part. Just what exactly is going on with that picture? Take a closer look:

Am I seeing things, or is that a halo around Mitch McConnell’s head? And why is it only his head we see, strangely emerging from behind a podium which from this angle looks eerily like some kind of primitive torture device? And is that Mother Mary in the foreground, gesturing as if she were in a Leonardo Da Vinci painting? Jesus Christ. Literally!

The imagery is undoubtedly intentional, and the symbolism couldn’t be more obvious: the Republican saviors are here to save us from the extravagant wastefulness of the big government “left.” Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some copious vomiting to do.

[Apologies for the late post, just as I was about to publish it my Internet went down!  The full article quoted above can be found here, but it’s hardly worth reading.]


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