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In Search of the Real Obama

A popular narrative on the left leading up to the 2010 mid-term election was that Obama has in fact accomplished quite a bit during his first two years in office.  When confronted with the obvious observation that Obama has failed to fulfill most of the promises he seemed to make during his campaign (seemed because he actually said very little beyond the absurdly vacuous “change” catch-phrase), many liberals respond that Obama means well, but the state of the nation as he inherited it from Bush was so calamitous that he simply needs more time.  Furthermore, he has accomplished quite a lot; his administration just hasn’t been very effective at publicizing these achievements.

Enter “What the fuck has Obama done so far?”  I’ll admit, when this little gem popped up just before election day, I was momentarily duped by it.  “Why yes,” I exclaimed to myself, “Obama HAS done a lot!  Just look how many clicks it takes to cycle through the list!”  Upon closer examination, however, it soon became apparent that the list of accomplishments only seems admirable when compared to, say, George W. Bush.  Certainly, Obama is an improvement over the bane of humanity that was the Bush administration.  But that’s kind of like saying that genital warts are better than herpes – both are pretty horrendous if we’re being completely honest.

Such is the situation we find ourselves  in with Obama.  He is an improvement over George W. Bush.  But is he the honest, decent, populist hero of the Left we perceived him to be?  Absolutely not, and it is foolish – self-destructive even – to continue to believe otherwise.

And so I was extremely pleased to discover that a new website has been created to counterbalance the aforementioned pathetic list of “accomplishments” that was somehow intended to galvanize Obama’s understandably frustrated base.  The new site, cleverly entitled “What in the fuck has Obama done so far?” (emphasis mine), offers a nice juxtaposition to the original site’s absurd attempt to portray Obama as a genuine people’s president. [ h/t From the Left ]

Let us now conduct a highly scientific experiment, simultaneously loading both sites and then, click by click, comparing what noble deeds each site has on offer.

Example one:

WTF: “Promoted social responsibility through creation of, a national database of volunteer opportunities.” Oh, how nice – he created a website.

Compared with:

WinTF: “Authorized the assassination of US citizens abroad, an unprecedented expansion of executive power.” Holy schnikes.  That sounds a lot like something Cheney, er,  Bush would have done.

Example two:

WTF: “Signed New START Treaty – nuclear arms reduction pact with Russia.” Well, that’s something.  As I recall he even had some flowery words to share on the occasion about his dream of a nuclear-weapons-free world.  Seems like Obama might really be interested in peace after all.

But then we have:

WinTF: “Sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.” WTF?  Oops, I mean WinTF.  How could a president committed to peace – a Nobel laureate, no less – vastly expand such a brutal and, more importantly, unwinnable war?

Example three:

WTF: “Health care reform bill, preventing insurance companies from denying insurance because of a pre-existing condition.” It’s not universal health care, but it’s a step in the right direction — isn’t it?

WinTF: “Cut a secret deal to kill the public option, while campaigning on its behalf.” It’s hard to change things when you’ve committed yourself to the status quo from the very start.  A rather dishonest move, to say the least.

Let’s look at one more.  Example four:

WTF: “Issued an executive order to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay.” Well, that’s nice.  I seem to recall hearing about that nearly two years ago.  Surely it must be closed by now, right?

WinTF: “Backed off on his promise to close the prison at Guantanamo.” Is anyone beginning to notice a pattern here?

There you have it, folks.  I encourage you to visit the sites, make your own comparisons, and reach your own conclusion as to the true character of our president.  It is certainly understandable that disillusioned liberals are clinging to the romantic notion that we finally have one of our own in office, particularly in such grim times.  We need hope, something to look forward to, something to bring us through our seemingly endless hardships.  But the facts show unmistakably that Obama, while being a smidgen more left-leaning than his predecessor, is about as much of a liberal as I am a giant purple dinosaur.  And even if I might desperately wish for both of the above to be true (and I do, let me tell you), my desire, however deeply felt, doesn’t change the cold, hard facts of reality.


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