Failed Empire

Chronicling the collapse of a failed society

teabaggers hate America

The corporate elite realized ages ago that genuine democracy cannot exist without an educated populace.  Business leaders – if such a term can be applied to such ghastly humans – would therefore have reasoned that in order to push their agenda on an uncooperative population, the key would be to control the flow of information.  And in our nation, corporations have succeeded fantastically.

Now, I would argue that the majority of Americans do not share the conservative, wacka-wacka world view of your average teabagger.  The majority of Americans are fairly reasonable people who hold reasonable opinions on a host of issues.  For instance, most Americans oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, support abortion rights and support the idea of universal health care.

But the corporate elite have managed to succeed in two key aspects.  First, they have brainwashed a significant  segment of society – although still a minority –  into swallowing a political and social agenda which is decidedly against their own best interests – namely, teabaggers and other rightwing nutters.  Second, they have managed to make ordinary, liberal-minded Americans feel completely isolated and alienated.  Most people seem to have bought the corporate media’s bogus narrative that “Americans are conservative,” and as a result there is widespread apathy on the Left.

The righties, on the other hand, are convinced not only of the rectitude of their beliefs – regardless of all evidence to the contrary – but also of their divine right to impose those beliefs on the remainder of the population, based on the false notion that most Americans are “conservative.”  The corporate-controlled media has conjured a vicious witches’ brew which allows them to steadily shift the political discourse in our country further and further into the abyss of right-wing lunacy.  And the Left sits idly by, allowing themselves to be dragged rightwards, occasionally being motivated by some slick ad-campaign (i.e. Obama) to vote, but quickly settling back into despondency after being stabbed in the back by spineless Democrats.  Quite simply, we on the Left do not have any leaders with the balls to truly represent our interests.  And when such leaders do attempt to emerge from the rubble of our corporatocracy, they are relegated to the sidelines by a mainstream media that refuses to pay them any attention – a la Dennis Kucinich.

Let’s put this another way.  Most Americans hold political and social views that are in the best interest of Americans as a whole.  These Americans form the actual “silent majority,” not the rabid, vociferous rightwing nutters who grab all of the attention.  And the fact is, as a democratic nation we are all in this together.  A philosophy of “every-person-for-him/herself” might have been appropriate when we were still swinging from tree to tree in the jungle, but it simply doesn’t work in a society.

The problem is, there is a handful of greedy, selfish pricks – you know, the wealthiest 1% that controls 24% of our nation’s wealth – that has managed to turn a significant segment of our society against itself.  Those teabaggers and other wackjobs who moan on about the outrageousness of a social safety net, or universal health care, or even free access to quality education, have been manipulated into fighting against themselves, against their own best interests.

In a very real sense, we are engaged in another civil war today:  reason, evidence, and universal progress stand on one side, while ignorance, prejudice and unfettered greed stand on the other.  Our fellow Americans who stand on the wrong side of the line are fighting for profits and wealth they will never actually see; they are negating their own rights so that a powerful few can continue to horde unprecedented levels of material wealth.  They’re like prisoners who have joined the ranks of the brutal and sadistic guards, while the guards share nothing and instead laugh uncontrollably behind the backs of the idiotic and opportunistic traitors.

In this fight, the teabaggers are our enemies.  Those who espouse corporatist values in the face  of all evidence and logic are our enemies.  There is no compromising with such people; they have proven time and time again that they are not interested in cooperating.  So instead of attempting to cooperate, which has long been proven ineffective, we must unite on the Left to fight for the values that we know are true -the values that we have come to hold based on the Enlightenment values of logic, reason and evidence.  We are the reality-based community, and it is high time we retook the reins of our teabag-infested democracy.


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