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teabaggers: the battered spouses of corporate America

Not that this will come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention, but the following quote from a recent Mother Jones article says a great deal about the state of democracy in America:

“The real story of the 2010 midterm elections wasn’t the tea party, but instead the rise of deep-pocketed, secretive outside groups that spent nearly $300 million to influence… [the] results.”

The teabaggers – excuse me, Tea Partiers – love to present themselves as being a massive, grassroots opposition movement that grew out of widespread discontent with Obama’s “liberal” agenda.  Unfortunately for the teabaggers, the depth of their vast ignorance is amply demonstrated merely from this most basic of suppositions.  The first issue has to do with their contention that Obama is a leftist at all.  He isn’t.  Obama is a centrist politician, and has been moving steadily towards the right ever since his inauguration.  The second problem with the teabaggers’ assumption is that Americans do not, in general, agree with their ludicrous and – let’s be honest – idiotic political views.  In reality, most Americans hold “liberal” values, as demonstrated in endless surveys and polls.  The existence of a conservative majority is just one of many myths propagated by our corporate-controlled mainstream media:  the narrative of a rightist population fits in well with the agenda of big business.

And finally, the teabaggers’ belief that they are a grassroots movement is demonstrably false, as the Mother Jones article mentioned above aptly proves.  MJ notes that of the $300 million donated from “secret outsider groups,” rightist groups outspent leftist groups by a margin of 2 to 1.   The rightist groups also had significantly higher success rates:

“The US Chamber of Commerce and the Karl Rove-launched Crossroads GPS led the way, with .800 and .700 averages, respectively, in making the most of their (mostly) attack dollars. The labor group SEIU, meanwhile, finished last, albeit in an incredibly GOP-friendly election year.”

So that is the state of politics in America today, courtesy of Citizens United.  Multinational corporations can now, in essence, legally buy elections, and the ignorant masses can dress up in Halloween costumes while touting their support for puppets who then turn around and immediately commence dismantling the government so that their shadowy corporate masters can rape and pillage a little bit more.  And the obedient sheep love it – they beg for more.  “Please!” they cry, “Take away my Social Security!  I don’t want health care!  I love paying extortionate amounts for my crappy insurance coverage!  Don’t raise the minimum wage, I like being poor!  F*ck education – isn’t there a McDonald’s University anyway?”

And the corporate elite get richer, the poor and middle class struggle to survive, but the myth of the American dream lives on.


3 responses to “teabaggers: the battered spouses of corporate America

  1. hoboduke November 7, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    Children of the American Dream, rich shop keepers, internet services, and manufacturers of pills, potions, and booze all want you to give them money. They spend money on advertising, they spend money on political friends. They spend money on lobbyists to make their opponents stop bugging them. What’s the evil conspiracy? This is done the same way for 2 centuries. Democrat candidates were handing out gift cards to retailers to voters! Unions spent tens of millions on campaign ads! How does my paying union dues, become endorsement of a specific party or candidate? Who cares, nobody. Stop whining.

    • Andrew November 8, 2010 at 1:16 am

      “This is done the same way for 2 centuries.” Are you sure about that? You aren’t even aware of the existence of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, are you?

      Typical teabagger.

  2. hoboduke November 8, 2010 at 1:17 am

    That’s okey to cry, but stop whining.

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