Failed Empire

Chronicling the collapse of a failed society


The title says it all, folks. It is my contention that we are living in a failed state, that the current social order has long surpassed what feeble potential it ever offered.  We have long since reaped the benefits the current system might have offered, and are well into the territory of harvesting its detriments alone.

In writing this I am reminded of a scene from that prescient novel Ishmael, in which Daniel Quinn offers the analogy of learning to fly through various means. In the early days all seems well, and indeed, we appear to be flying. It is only as the ground rushes up to meet us that we suddenly realize the earth below our broken wings is strewn with the wreckage of countless previous attempts at flight, and with a shudder our own fate becomes readily apparent.

That analogy is more fitting today than it has ever been. Our current civilization is doomed; the very basic foundations upon which our society are built are fundamentally flawed at their deepest cores, and we are destined for failure.

Failure can be defined in a multitude of ways, and I do not mean to imply some impending catastrophe of global proportions. The world is not going to end, nor are millions (or billions) going to perish in some apocalyptic blaze. People have been predicting the annihilation of humankind for as long as humans have possessed the capacity for forethought, and I wish to make it clear that this is not what I am suggesting.

What I am proposing is that the most basic goals we have set at the heart of our society are inherently flawed, and we shall never succeed in reaching those goals. Our current empire has failed in that millions suffer from obstacles that could easily be surmounted, if not for the greed of a selfish and powerful few. Our society has failed in that it strives for unrealistic and meaningless outcomes, ignoring the most basic human traits of love, compassion, and the innate need for creative expression.

This blog will represent my exploration of this epic failure, and will outline my own views as to what we should be striving for instead, and how we might eventually realize this vision of a more just and humane world.  Please forgive any seemingly unrelated ramblings along the way.


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